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Mach X

"We ask that all new recruits visit our forums so you may learn the rules."

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We gravitate around the sense of a loving community. We plan to do various activities on given days. Members are able to create events daily. Do not beg. Do not ask for a promotion, read the forum post labelled "Recruitment List". For any information on the job descriptions of a given rank read the post called "Clan Rank & Promotion!"


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adi392 adi392 Corporal
xMasterHandx xMasterHandx Recruit
WeepinAngel1 WeepinAngel1 Recruit
Snotty228 Snotty228 Recruit
kelsier000 kelsier000 Recruit
magorlazer magorlazer Recruit
Marshmello20 Marshmello20 Recruit
Kermit Rebel Kermit Rebel Recruit
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Clan event - Clan Game 29 01-Oct-16 00:30
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