Magik Wizdom

Magik Wizdom

"we like to **** in groups"

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You ever wanted 99 mage but didn't know the best way to get it, well this clan will show you how, with me and the Deputy owner (Everaan) will help tell you the best methods possible in achieving 99 mage, Along with other Root admins to help you guys get along in the clan aswell as help take part in clan events such as Clan wars, Soul wars or stealing creation. The Root Administrators are: B e n Xx, DreadlyRoses, Joelowns97, B3ndy7 & Bbeennddyy77. Treat these admins aswell as myself and the deputy with the respect that we treat you, other than that... Happy MAGING - Magex

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ASHCriticals ASHCriticals Owner
Xeouns Xeouns Deputy Owner
DreadlyRoses DreadlyRoses Overseer
[#NLPKJA9EC] [#NLPKJA9EC] Coordinator
B3ndy7 B3ndy7 Organiser
Oh bennie Oh bennie Admin
[#9C8QM6503] [#9C8QM6503] Recruit
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