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Formerly known as Tadpole Investments, Froggy Flippers is the third level up! We are a group of talented and experienced merchants who just like to play the market. It's Fun.

- Started as an effort to mitigate the strains of repetitive skilling for no satisfaction (Trust me, I have a comp cape and consider grinding tedious and overrated), Froggy Flippers combines simplicity, challenge, and creativity into an elaborate yet convenient money making machine.

- How we work is simple. We learn how to flip better.  Researching effects of updates, weighing the rate of crash of an item, finding out better ways to predict markets. They make it less likely for merches to fail. Which means more profit!

- We welcome all who have an interest in flipping. We DO NOT have a citadel, nor want one any time soon ( Choring the game for boring content isn't one of our endeavors) !

- In order to join: You must meet the following requirements:
~ Money to flip with. Preferrably 50M.

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