Manatee Gaming

Manatee Gaming

"Tight group of friends, focussed on skilling, pvming and help with money making!"

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Featured on Youtube, a community driven to help others and make Runescape a better place. Skilling, Bossing, Quests, Parties, you name it and we are probably doing it in this clan. The Manatee Gaming clan is a very friendly clan made for any age. Lot's of room to advance ranks! We hold weekly events where discord voice is used as well as PVM learning sessions. Our discord server has reached over 10,000 members and is still growing. What are you waiting for? Join Manatee Gaming and DiaWifey's clan today!

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Manatee Manatee Deputy Owner
DiaWifey DiaWifey Deputy Owner
BeáAáPotato BeáAáPotato Overseer
Darknorth6 Darknorth6 Overseer
Drakeminion Drakeminion Overseer
PVMGoddess PVMGoddess Overseer
Hot Pocketee Hot Pocketee Overseer
Johnpotpot Johnpotpot Organiser
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DiaWifey Manatee Gaming Clan 30-Oct-2020 15:51
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