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Maximized is currently recruiting. We are in search of players who want to have a cooperative experience with their fellow clannies, be it through skilling, killing, or chilling.

Quick Info
• Founded: February 8, 2014
• Language: English
• Ranking system: points-based
• Requirements: 2000+ total level
• Home world: 6
• Events: non-mandatory, anyone may host
• Citadel: non-mandatory
• Contact: Irri or Tenzou
• Clan chat: [Maximized] open to guests 24/7
• Thread QFC: 290-291-472-65832681

Perks of the clan include a Discord server, occasional PvM and minigame events, and regular skilling competitions.

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Top Clanmates

Irri Irri Owner
Sync Sync Deputy Owner
Alwaid Alwaid Overseer
Lost-Theorie Lost-Theorie Overseer
Fanclub Fanclub Coordinator
Dubsi Dubsi Organiser
Tenzou Tenzou Organiser
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Author Thread Title Date
Irri Welcome! 22-Jan-2017 04:03
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