Midnight Empire

Midnight Empire

"Clans start small, join and we'll outnumber them all."

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Ranking System:
Corporal: 75,000xp
Sergeant: 200,000xp
Lieutenant: 500,000xp
Captain: 1,000,000xp
General: 2,000,000xp and worthy of rank.

to be an Admin in this clan you need to be:
* an active member
* currently a General
* attending events often
* responsible and treating others fairly

In this clan we will accept anyone regardless of level. We offer help with skills and have occasional events.

Forum QFC: 87-88-45-62791270

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sunflwerzz sunflwerzz Admin
[#UMGUZ0BF6] [#UMGUZ0BF6] Lieutenant
[#ZL3MIOVRU] [#ZL3MIOVRU] Lieutenant
[#A667E2PRA] [#A667E2PRA] Sergeant
Ultor333 Ultor333 Sergeant
xJingyin xJingyin Sergeant
[#TLCL4HTTS] [#TLCL4HTTS] Sergeant
[#X6XQ8WIAC] [#X6XQ8WIAC] Sergeant
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Type Description World Date/Time
PvP 1 28-May-11 05:00
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