Midnight Revelry

Midnight Revelry

"Family is a haven in a heartless world."

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Hello everyone! We are Midnight Revelry and would like to invite you to join, guest, and just hang out with us! Here is a little bit about us:

Please read our recruitment thread first before asking for an invite. We'd like to make sure you know our rules and our ranking system prior to joining. Our QFC can be reached at  87-88-693-65624748.

Our homeworld is 79.

We have two avatars (Avagale and Java). Since we now have two avatars, if you happen to need one (i.e. bonfire, altar running) we'd be happy to make you temp Admin!

Ask us about our music sharing site, Facebook group, and Skype group!

We ask that you please be respectful! We understand things slip sometimes but there is a line in all circumstances that shouldn't be crossed. If our rules are broken, it will result in warning, demotion,  and then a kick.

We do bosses like KK, Nex, Rots, and Vorago daily! Just ask in cc for anyone who would be up for bossing and you will get a group, guaranteed.

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