Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

"Need a new home? Join us we are new and fun, We can help! Muah~"

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Welcome to Midnight Sun!
 We are a fun casual, laid back adult clan, Looking to have fun and socialize, we have no filter, and don't deal with drama. Most of our members are adults and high leveled. We are open to new players and will help all who is in need.

We have the following:

Facebook: Search Midnight Sun Clan

Feel free to message us!

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KY Teasing KY Teasing Owner
Ky Touch Ky Touch Deputy Owner
Brycem9 Brycem9 Overseer
Tharidon Tharidon Captain
Scyila Scyila Corporal
Tathorn101 Tathorn101 Corporal
Kafsi Kafsi Corporal
O pamaj G O pamaj G Recruit
Born 4 k0ing Born 4 k0ing Recruit
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