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This Clan help other player to gain Massive Amounts of Money, we also help player to gain higher levels and to be better at what there can do. My clan has a secret and I Call it the 'Money Run' only a few players know about the secret in the clan. This clan is made up with some High level player that know the best way to level up but if a new player has an other way please tell one of the higher levels. If players that are not in the clan and want to now about the clan ask a member and you can have a week inside the clan to see how we work. This Clan is looking to expand into muitiple Clan, Hopeful the muitiple clan will be like a rank structure with the Main boss with his Elite Clan mate and then it would go down from that to starters to the Clan so that u will have to work your way up. When we start to make other clan the Deputy owners of my Clan will become the Owners for the new Clans.    

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