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¤ Morale was founded on  24 November 2013 as an international community clan where the majority of members are from Australia,  with unique interests ranging from skilling to boss hunting, and much more.

The requirement to join is either 120+ combat level or 2000+ total level unless you are a friend whom will be granted an exception.

We currently reside in World 49 and offer the following - skilling competitions , Teamspeak 3 and Skype, a ranking system based on points, a "friendly" and casual environment, clan events, expert level knowledge and assistance, and a whole lot more.

If you would like an invite or have any questions, feel free to contact a council member ranked Organiser+ or guest our clan chat.

QFC 92-93-871-65453282

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Umbras Rage Umbras Rage Owner
Gerard Gerard Deputy Owner
Jim Croce Jim Croce Coordinator
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giftedhomie giftedhomie Admin
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Safaa Safaa General
Semibrave Semibrave General
gee gee bro gee gee bro General
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