"Lay back clan - T4 | Capping is optional but rewarding | Former PCing fc."

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Welcome to Nex and SS,

We're a group of friends who were brought together when the Nex and SS FC was created back in 2011.

We operate differently from the FC as they are little rules in our Clan besides the few listed down below. Many of us are a group of friends who are also Veteran Players in every aspect of the game whether it's Skilling, Pvming, or just having a good time.

What do we Offer ?

Tier 6 Citadel
2 Clan Avatars
Occasional Events
Guidance and Advice

Important Rules

1) Keep Drama out of the Clan Chat. You will be kicked/removed if you create a hostile enviroment. We're all here to play and have fun,

2) If the Citadel is in Danger of not making upkeep, You will be required to Cap. Otherwise, as long as upkeep is met each week, it dosen't matter. Only those who do participate in the Citadel will be allowed to take the Avatar.

3) Don't take anything too seriously said in the CC. Weird Conversations will happen.

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