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Nutz is a clan founded on the craziness that is Runescape!

Over the years, we have developed into one of the friendliest social clans in all of Runescape. We are open to all players. Whether you're into Skilling, PVM, Mini-games, or even a little friendly PVP, Nutz has it all! Capping at the citadel and attending our weekly clan events are completely optional but highly encouraged. :)

The Nutz staff is dedicated to their clan members and strive to answer any and all questions to help both the high level players and the newbs. Feel free to be a guest in our Clan Chat to get a feel for the group and PM any staff members. They are ready and willing to answer your Nutz questions.

Our only requirement of our members is that you help us create a safe, friendly, and helpful environment. We also have a Discord Server to remind you of upcoming clan events or just to socialize. Fair warning though: We are ALL a little Nutz!!

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VoidLordXian VoidLordXian Owner
Adam is Nutz Adam is Nutz Deputy Owner
Koen Koen Deputy Owner
marq de sade marq de sade Overseer
VioletDove VioletDove Coordinator
Bryan Faust Bryan Faust Coordinator
Sir Redwood Sir Redwood Coordinator
Isaac Heim Isaac Heim Organiser
koda848 koda848 Admin
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