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Owners/Leaders are Tyler(TPmyD) & Ryan(Gtg).
Other Deputy Owners and Overseers are considered Co-leaders.

Ranks are earned by gaining experience and remaining loyal to the clan. Members have an added benefit of being able to cap at the citadel for higher ranks.

Ranks are based on an experience system:
Recruit - 0xp
Corporal - 5m xp earned or capping 1 time
Sergeant - 10m xp earned or capping 2 times
Lieutenant - 20m+ xp earned and weekly capping at the citadel
Captain - 30m+ xp earned and weekly capping at the citadel
General - 50m+ xp earned and weekly capping at the citadel
Admin+ - Ranks will be distributed by the clan leaders to those who have proven loyalty and contributed immensely to the clan.

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Runbasehide Runbasehide Owner
[#CRY55E2Z7] [#CRY55E2Z7] Recruit
[#GS1I32YZQ] [#GS1I32YZQ] Recruit
eNViNoGrave eNViNoGrave Recruit
dont log m8 dont log m8 Recruit
Maul2theneck Maul2theneck Recruit
xAintNoGrave xAintNoGrave Recruit
AverageToy AverageToy Recruit
AintN0Gravee AintN0Gravee Recruit
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