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The Neon Dragons is a social/group clan Oriented around our members to enjoy their time on rs, you do not have to be active 100% we will have activity's going on and events, not all members are required to come mostly officials are required. This clan has very low requirements, the only main requirement is to be kind and polite and respectful and nice to our members. If anyone would like to join please add me and message me I am recruiting some of my friends into being staff but for now it will be me recruiting.

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JinxyCat JinxyCat Owner
Snowvll Snowvll Overseer
[#I9Q55POH7] [#I9Q55POH7] Overseer
hack you ac hack you ac Coordinator
apple sjdfhj apple sjdfhj General
Leracai Leracai Captain
Zaikane Zaikane Captain
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Party 99 11-Aug-11 14:00
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Author Thread Title Date
Stoicorum Recruiting! 09-Aug-2011 03:57
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