New Age Saints

New Age Saints

"A fun close knit community, come and be part of a fun small social clan!~!"

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We hope to create your time in Runescape as fun and thrilling as it can be, we aim to achieve this by providing a socially active community for you, so if you ever need help, or if you simply want to chat, feel free to talk all you want in our Clan Chat.

These are the basic rules, if you need a more in depth explanation please look at the rules thread on the forum, or ask one of the Key Ranks.
-Respect other players.
-No Begging
-Any Disputes Will Be Handled By A Key Rank
-Follow Jagex's Rules.

Keep an eye out on the forums, and the in game Clan Notifications for events, we hope to host a Major Event every Sunday, Minor Events are random and can happen at any time, so keep an eye out on the clan chat.

Ranking System
The Ranking System will be posted in the forums, and if you achieve any required points for a rank, it is up to you to notify a Key Rank.

 Your time and contribution is always much appreciated.

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