"If i had 2 choos btween breathng or lovng id use my last breath 2 say "i love u""

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Welcome, fellow Runescape members

I greatfully represent to you 'Nick508' the Clan, currently recruiting all types of people. Such as Skillers, Pures, Pkers, Mains, we are looking for members and if you see yourself as a fellow Clan member then add a current member of the Clan itself and get recruited.

At the moment, I believe there isn't any events currently in mind, but I'm sure as the Clan builds people will put ideas foward. Everyone is free to speak in and put any idea forward whether your level 3 Or 100 it doesn't matter.

Yours faithfully, Iz Got Mage. (Feel free to add me for any info)

**I wrote here because none had, if at any one point you see this inappropriate then please remove this info and inform me not to write here again**

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