No Promises

No Promises

"Relax, Grind, Grow, Build, Socialize, Have fun but of course, No Promises :)"

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Welcome to Our Clan Page!
Check out our forums page for any clan updates and information on anything thats happening.
Here we will keep a mini Back-log of what has been posted lately for your leisure. :)

1.(50 clanmates and counting!)  Posted by Vex DarkHell. (09/29/2018) (moments ago)
2. (Clan Citadel Capping Time!!!!) Posted by Vex DarkHell. (09/24/2018) (4 days ago)
3. (Clan Discord) Posted by Vex DarkHell. (09/20/2018) (1 week ago)
4. (Welcome to the clan, No Promises!) Posted by Vex DarkHell (09/20/2018) (1 week ago)

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Greek Theos Greek Theos Owner
N0 Promises N0 Promises Deputy Owner
InchLongDong InchLongDong Deputy Owner
German Dog6 German Dog6 Overseer
Jso Jso Overseer
Cwho Cwho Overseer
Vex DarkHell Vex DarkHell Overseer
ZeroPromises ZeroPromises Coordinator
Coolfry2 Coolfry2 Coordinator
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Type Description World Date/Time
Gathering 201 05-Jan-19 23:00
Forum Posts
Author Thread Title Date
Vex DarkHell Clan Citadel Capping Time!!!! 24-Sep-2018 06:50
Vex DarkHell Clan Discord 21-Sep-2018 02:37
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