No Sigil No Sleep

No Sigil No Sleep

"Persistence Prevails. Carpe Noctem, Seize the Night."

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No Sigil No Sleep was founded on a seemingly endless night of Corping by our founders who dedicated themselves to continue on with a Corp trip until they received a Sigil. After 17 continuous hours, they received a Spectral Sigil drop resulting in our clan colors being Purple and Black and coined our clan name to symbolize their motive to not give up.

We are one of the last standing clans in RS3 founded as Corporeal Beast clan, but don't let our name fool you; our members enjoy fighting all of the bosses Gielinor has to offer.

Our clan goal is to provide a friendly, social environment for clan members to chat, make friends, and find bossing teams for learners and experienced PvMers.

Interested in joining NSNS? Feel free to guest in our Clan Chat to ask for an invite, or fill an application on our Recruitment Forum, QFC: 92-93-210-66012871

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