"You can't say nope to Nope."

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Hello, and welcome to Nope! We're a laid-back PvM and skilling clan with a mature (we swear a lot) social atmosphere.

Our clan largely focuses on high-level content, including:
- PvM (Vorago, Rise of the Six, Nex, Kalphite King)
- Efficient training methods
- Completionist content (minigame rewards, collecting untradable rares, etc.)
- Dungeoneering
- Not being a clan run like 1940's Germany

Clan ranks are attainable based on the following factors:
- PvM participation and organization
- Clan xp
- Clan activity

If you're interested in becoming a member of Nope, join our clan chat or message one of our admins.

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Zachrifice Zachrifice Owner
So Bored Now So Bored Now Overseer
Billcam Billcam Organiser
[#LUL9S0X62] [#LUL9S0X62] Organiser
Hugh Nutren Hugh Nutren Organiser
MintCakesFTW MintCakesFTW Corporal
[#PIEEMF30N] [#PIEEMF30N] Recruit
phobos2 phobos2 Recruit
TD Simple TD Simple Recruit
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Balgruuf Clan Rules 31-Mar-2014 10:21
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