Oblivion Myst

Oblivion Myst

"Other Players too much to handle? Hide in the Myst."

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Thank you for taking an interest in our clan Oblivion Myst :)

We are a relaxed clan, with no requirements to join. There will be no mandatory events, and ranks are given to players who are active in game, clan veterans, and mature players. Our aim is to create a laid-back environment where you are free to chat to your friends, wherever or whenever you like!

You may also use this clan as a temporary home for when you need a clan vexillum, cape or just a social group.

If you are interested, please feel free to guest in our associated friends' chat too: F2pIronmanFC (Quick-Find-Code: 93-94-587-65562502)
This is a much larger community for social f2p ironmen to hang out, though anyone is welcome.

If you are looking to joining this clan, do not hesitate to add me in game and ask for an invite! Send me a message whenever I am online.

Otherwise, feel free to guest in the clan chat and ask any ranked member to give you an invite.

Hope to see you in chat!
Mat ~
Clan Curator

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