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We are growing clan, with a good core group of helpful and friendly members. We gladly welcome any new members and do not have level or skill requirements. We have clan events in dungeoneering, mini-games and even skilling as a group.

Basic rules
1. Obey Jagex rules.
2. Keep clan chat civil, try to avoid swearing, no personal attacks.   Basically, we ask you to be respectful to your clan.
3. No begging in the clan chat. Other clan members will help with ideas for ways to earn gold and items on your own but are not playing to support you.

1. Rank in the clan is largely based on you being active and helpful in the clan.
2. Lowest ranks can be earned by gathering resources in the Clan Citadel each week.
3. Ranks above Captain have expectation of being a good role model for the clan and meeting the requirements of that particular rank.  Full details are in clan forum.

If you want to find out more about us or join the clan, please look for me in game


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