Onyx Principality

Onyx Principality

"A social clan for those wanting to play at their own pace their own way."

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The Onyx Principality, secondarily known as the Smuggling Guild, is a ceremonial (but not RP) clan dedicated to enjoying Runescape at the speed they feel most comfortable. Although one could still be acknowledged for their dedication towards experience gain or wealth, we do not pressure those who do not wish to just speed through Runescape.

As you may have guessed, the Onyx Principality is a rogue-themed clan, gaining inspiration from romanticized Thieves' Guilds and the Golden Age of Piracy.

As of this post, the clan has returned to former ownership and is currently going re-identification.


Grand Prince: Cogitatus
Cons.: --
Court Slayer: --
Man-at-Arms/Lady of War: --




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