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Welcome to Oof, we our a social/community clan, that has just been created by a group of friends, we all have great experience in clan making, and have huge plans for this clan!, we have no requirements to join and are f2p and p2p based.

What we offer:
- No joining requirements
- Weekly events, pvm/raids, skilling, mini games and much more
- Social well run discord channel
- Capping isn't a requirement but those that do cap will be entered into a clan lotto
- Fair clan ranking system
- Dedicated staff/leadership team

Feel free to guest in our clan chat or ask a overseer+ any questions about the clan we can also give anyone our clan discord invite upon request.

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KariKittyx KariKittyx Owner
OS Yakz OS Yakz Admin
Remyz Remyz Lieutenant
KingOfLoco KingOfLoco Sergeant
Daddy Ryan Daddy Ryan Corporal
Cuolo Cuolo Corporal
DragnMikHawk DragnMikHawk Corporal
Bubba Cup Bubba Cup Corporal
ninjerriley ninjerriley Corporal
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