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Welcome to Order Of Adventurers Clan. We are a Clan that’s Player Focused. We enjoy doing all sorts of activities from Tears of Guthix to Shooting Stars. We like working in groups to make the tedious tasks more enjoyable, and the slow skills move along faster.

A lot of us are well knowledge about the game to and can help in almost any situation you may encounter. All though the game is always evolving we enjoy learning new things, and are well adaptive to new ideas and concepts that RuneScape has to offer.

However group things are fun, we all still run our own schedule and have different goals to achieve, so while are Characters are away physically, we enjoy chats both in Clan and in our Special Operated Friend Chat happily ran by a few P Mods. In which you are welcome to visit the Friend Chat by going to 'OoA Team'. However, being apart of the Clan doesn't mean you need to be apart of the Friend Chat. RuneScape is a big place, and we have friends every where. Enjoy!

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