Order of the Gods

Order of the Gods

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We are a new clan: we will accept any levels. We need member's to help with the Citadel. Being part of this clan can be helpful towards you, since most of us are pretty nice we can help you with your skills. Also, we do like to help those in need when it comes to money when we have good members so keep that in mind! When we get more member's we will pull things together quickly,  so I hope to see more people join. Good luck everyone.

                                   The Admin Knight Lloyd Renspa

I hope to have a meeting in the Citadel in a months worth of time depending if we get new members.

Dear Admin Knight Lloyd Renpsa, You fail but we still love you

      The High Priestess Raven Renspa, and the Fearless Leader Wufei Renspa

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