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Welcome to Phasmatic Swagg!!!

We are a small, friendly clan who focus on hard work, loyalty, and friendship.  Being the number-one clan is not our top priority, and it may not ever be.  I think that being a family is more important, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that the friends you meet along the way in RuneScape are what make this game so special.

Along with hard work and loyalty comes activeness.  This is something I will be very prone to, and so will our Deputies.

Feel free to join our CC and ask for us to add you; we will be sure to get right to it. I hope you enjoy the clan.  :D

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MrsTank Kait MrsTank Kait Coordinator
dizarte dizarte Organiser
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bunny happ bunny happ General
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Lego Jesus Event people needed :o 23-Aug-2012 21:02
Lego Jesus Weekly Clan Reminders 23-Aug-2012 20:57
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