Phoenix Tale

Phoenix Tale

"The Phoenix is reborn, and the Tale continues..."

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The Phoenix is reborn, and the Tale continues...

I would like to invite you to join our clan Phoenix Tale!

Phoenix Tale, formerly known as Ascending Swords, is a tight knit social clan that has stood for 5 years.

So who are we?

We are a clan of friendly and knowledgeable players.
We are skillers, questers, and fighters.
We are new players and Runescape veterans.

What can we offer?

Dedicated social media pages and a clan voice chat server through Discord.
A citadel and weekly events, that don't require participation, but are for clanmates to enjoy.
A network of experienced clan leaders who seek to help the success of all clanmates.

Phoenix Tale is composed of a family of players that call this clan home. If you have been searching for a place to relax, trade advice, or make friends, then your search is over. Everyone is welcome to join our ranks. There are no requirements and there are no commands to be followed.

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Tyki Mikk Tyki Mikk Owner
witts24 witts24 Deputy Owner
ShugaDaddie ShugaDaddie Overseer
Blue Who Blue Who Coordinator
comeon 434 comeon 434 Organiser
SnowAngel5 SnowAngel5 Admin
JoshOliday2 JoshOliday2 Admin
Averseness Averseness Admin
Mango Based Mango Based Admin
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