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We are a family/friend based clan. We play RS with people we know and trust.  We don't have a lot of rules but these are rules we DO enforce...
2: Respect EVERYONE in the clan. NO exceptions.
3: Absolutely no begging for money or items will be allowed. If you NEED something  we MAY be able to  help.
4: No Scamming, or offensive character names.
5: Capping in the Citadel is requested of all clan members.
6: If your account is inactive for a year it may be dropped from the clan. However, should that person begin playing again they will be welcomed back if they so choose to rejoin.
NOTE: Real life interferes with game play, We know players may not always have time to play, or may not always have a game membership. HOWEVER, if you do have a membership and you are on a lot, we WILL ask you to help in the Citadel. Not helping the clan in the Citadel may result in loss of rank. Ranks are given at owner's and deputies' discretion.
7: (_)> Coffee is good.

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