Portugal Rockz

Portugal Rockz

"We do PKing, Clan Wars, Duel Arena and more! We also accept all levels!"

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@@@@----Portugal Rockz!----@@@@
Welkom/ Bem-vindo / Bienvenido.

Portugal Rockz! is a allround 50+ cb clan. However, anyone is encouraged
 to join the clanchat for a fun skilling and chatting atmosphere.
Rank list:(f2p) CB-lvl or Total-lvl
General:    110+ 1400+
Captain:    90+  1200+
Lieutenant: 80+  1000+
Sergeant:   70+   900+
Corporal:   60+   700+
For more information about this clan or events, contact one of our

- Dark Menina  (owner)
- In Joe Face9 (co-owner)
- Boyang8888   (Coordinator)
- Buffy 004    (Coordinator)
- P M107       (Coordinator)
- RvvtShaden   (Overseer)
- Killerpool88 (Overseer)
- Nice1246     (Overseer)
- Basedate     (Organiser)
- MoNaCo Pk    (Organiser)
- Rosalina60   (Admin)
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Antroposoof Antroposoof Owner
In Joe Face9 In Joe Face9 Deputy Owner
Slaer806 Slaer806 Organiser
Rosalina60 Rosalina60 Admin
bl00d ship1 bl00d ship1 Admin
[#28R6OXK7W] [#28R6OXK7W] General
[#U5RJZOSF9] [#U5RJZOSF9] General
[#B3BC3O7K5] [#B3BC3O7K5] General
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