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Primacy is a small clan, founded by a group of friends with the intention of establishing a community free of excess drama and lacking issues that plague many clans.  We are looking to grow and expand, and are willing to take on new members that are happy to become part of our clan and willing to embrace our philosophy as a clan without trouble, hatred and bickering.

Whilst we are a clan founded around a love of xp, members are encouraged to follow their own paths - several PVMcentric players are already involved. After having peaked with a T4 citadel and 2 avatars, the clan is mostly inactive. There are a few members still online every now and then, but we've mostly all gone our separate ways.

No hard and fast requirements are enforced, and newcomers will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Whilst we do not require you to cap citadel weekly, capping does give you access to clan avatars.

We will neither give you up nor let you down.

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