Primal Legacy

Primal Legacy

"Don't let your dreams be memes"

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What makes greatness is starting something that lives after you.
-Ralph Sockman

Clan rules:
No racism etc in the clan chat.
No discussions about politics or religion in the clan chat.
Follow all the general rs rules.
Be a nice person to fellow clan members.

1 Yellow Bar: Unannounced, long periods of inactivity will be placed in this rank.
2 Yellow Bars: Starting rank on joining the clan
3 Yellow Bars: 1 month of clan membership
Bronze Star: 2 months of clan membership
Silver Star: 3 months of clan membership, and at least 10m Clan Exp gained
Gold Star: 6 months of clan membership, and at least 25m Clan Exp gained
Bronze Admin: 1 year of clan membership, and at least 100m Clan Exp gained
Silver Admin: 2 years of clan membership, and at least 250m Clan Exp gained
Gold Admin: People who host events, or have other specific roles in the clan (Entry not permitted by membership period or Clan Exp gained)

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Top Clanmates

Dark Lord Dark Lord Owner
Dragonkin892 Dragonkin892 Deputy Owner
Thief Cape Thief Cape Deputy Owner
Stefaan Stefaan Deputy Owner
Senor Cody Senor Cody Deputy Owner
Elite Danny Elite Danny Deputy Owner
Herb Cape Herb Cape Organiser
Kyle Finley Kyle Finley Organiser
Jondagrizzly Jondagrizzly Organiser
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