Pumpkin masher III

Pumpkin masher III

"We are a class gang consisting of the finest of the fine. Care to join us?"

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Now accepting applications who have 1500+ total level and are 120+ combat. Join this fun loving clan today! Your mind will be blown by how awesome we own at this game. If you are looking for bossing, slayer, flip merching, questing, skilling, mini-games, or just being amazing, then we have it ALL! To join our exuberant fun loving clan, please message Volcanash, Main Boss, or maxed victim in game. Thanks guys! We hope you make the decision to join today! :D

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Volcanash II Volcanash II Owner
Loftyz47 Loftyz47 Sergeant
HexxRL HexxRL Sergeant
DimensionDuo DimensionDuo Corporal
BabyJesus BabyJesus Recruit
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