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PvMSweepers is a community-based boss slaying clan. There are no set events, but we have boss trips on a regular basis. Anybody is welcome to join the clan chat as a guest for a boss trip. If you wish to join as a rank, contact one of the clan admins. If you want to build your bank and make friends, join us in the slaughter. Make money. Make friends. Have fun!

World 25 is our official home world.

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Barret Barret Owner
x EiDoS x x EiDoS x Deputy Owner
Tharensis Tharensis Deputy Owner
Mz Rach Mz Rach Admin
DatGuyWolf DatGuyWolf Admin
Mighty Fall Mighty Fall Lieutenant
Directive Directive Lieutenant
camocammy565 camocammy565 Corporal
Berr18 Berr18 Corporal
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