Raising The Stakes

Raising The Stakes

"skilling and haveing fun"

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Welcome to Raising The Stakes, We are a elite skilling clan. We strive to be the best in all areas of the game.We are a friendly clan,with a diverse member base. we are a great community,it is a  enjoyable place to come and hangout

Ranking system is as follows:
1M = Corporal (2 banana)
2M = Sergeant (3 banana)
3M = Lietenant (Bronze star)
5M = Captain (Silver star)
10M = General (Gold star)
40M = Admin (Bronze target)
55M = Organiser (Silver target)
75M = Coordinator (Gold Target)
Overseer (Bronze Key) trusted players only

Everyone is welcome join and ask for invite.
clan leader frozern ***

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[#7VSXQ8JO5] [#7VSXQ8JO5] Owner
Zzzz Zzzz Deputy Owner
CheesySkills CheesySkills General
[#9CIL12Y15] [#9CIL12Y15] Captain
[#33BB1MKHA] [#33BB1MKHA] Lieutenant
JollyáJimbo JollyáJimbo Lieutenant
cats go m000 cats go m000 Sergeant
[#BA1KPEK3A] [#BA1KPEK3A] Sergeant
[#8M1DCU1JB] [#8M1DCU1JB] Sergeant
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