Re Genesis

Re Genesis

"you can break a blood bond by spilling it this family is held together by more"

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We are Re Genesis.

We pride ourselves on being family orriented, And by that I mean that we are all family here. From lv 3 to 138. Your advancement will be based upon Loyalty, Respect, And a willingness to go out of your way for others. I belive level and membership status to be only numbers. And they will not in ANY WAY effect your right to promotion, or futher advancement within the family.

We dont strive to be the biggest clan in RuneScape. We strive to be the best. Quality over quanity.

I am very fond of the rule system in RuneScape and will not tollerate it to be unabided. All of our clan leaders will be out going and always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it.

For those of you allready a part of our little family from the bottom of my heart I thank you for making our clan a better place, For those of you that arent. I hope to see you soon.

"Your family outside of family"

~Squall nexus~

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