"we set posotive goals and srive to achieve them"

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As a clan, we try our hardest to work well together and to try and be a good socialising group of people. We also try our hardest to strive to our ultimate goals (Whether its a certain amount of money, certain equipment, some certain levels or the big "99" in a stat). The Reawakened clan is a group full of socialising clan members, which will do whatever they can to help out each other and to help out those that are not even within the clan. We strive to be the best we can.

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Eilianforce Eilianforce Owner
Zianno Zianno Corporal
[#SZCJGDQI2] [#SZCJGDQI2] Corporal
wristlad wristlad Recruit
[#0486LQH2F] [#0486LQH2F] Recruit
AutismoFTW AutismoFTW Recruit
Samuel RWBUK Samuel RWBUK Recruit
[#6QWEI64A1] [#6QWEI64A1] Recruit
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