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Welcome to the Reddit Clan! We are a casual P2P Clan with a focus on community. We have regular competitions and occasional events, but there is no compulsory attendance. You will, however, be removed from the Clan if you are inactive for an extended period of time and a new (and active) member of the community wishes to join.

We require you to have a Reddit account and subscribe to our subreddits, /r/runescape and /r/scape. Check the subreddit and its sidebar frequently for information on community, events and more.

Ask in "Reddit" Clan Chat (Join as a guest) to get an invite from any Admin.

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Lebomb Lebomb Owner
Britius Britius Deputy Owner
E M P M E M P M Deputy Owner
Tapetsocker Tapetsocker Overseer
Ruse Ruse Overseer
Slyp Slyp Overseer
Selene Malis Selene Malis Coordinator
Thwing Thwing Coordinator
Panic Peach Panic Peach Coordinator
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