Region of Terrors

Region of Terrors

"It is not how strong we are alone but how strong we are together that matters!"

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Region Of Terrors (RoT) is a Middle Combat Skilling clan and High Money Making clan with a Mature and Awesome Community. Founded by RoTKing. We are a clan that Trains a lot to reach our goals using the most Exciting way methods possible.

Our requirements are to have a combat skill of 70 or over. We are looking for that and People who like to Skill, Hang out with clan and Chat in CC while having fun!

Clan Features

- Monthly and Weekly Events

- Tier 2 Citadel

- 1 Avatar, Mostly on Worlds 2

- Active TeamChat

- PvM Including all GwD Monsters and Giant mole

- Onsite Forum

- All need to cap and recruit

If anyone want's to join, Enter: Region Of Terrors and enter as a guest and ask for an invite.

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14lionlight 14lionlight Owner
ramistien ramistien Coordinator
suomalainenp suomalainenp Organiser
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Clinophiliac Clinophiliac Admin
SmexyLyra SmexyLyra Admin
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Dizzy Pkerz Dizzy Pkerz Captain
Florin Hood Florin Hood Captain
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