Remorseless Legion

Remorseless Legion

"We are the Remorseless Legion. We show no Mercy"

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We are the Remorseless Legion. We were a clan that concentrated on fighting, but we also valued non-combat related skills. We attempted to help training and give advice to less-experienced players., and hoped to expand our legion. Those who did not want to be fighters do not have to be, but those who did  joined the paladins (magic), knights (melee) and rangers (ranged) of the legion and fought in the PKing and combat events. We hoped to create an elite PKing force. We accepted both all-round and pure members. We had a ranking system based mainly upon services, loyalty, activity and capability. Our systems were (or were soon to be) based loosely around Ancient Rome, and we incorporated its ideas into them.  We were combat levels 50+

But now the end is near for this clan. I, and quite a few other members are moving on. If you have any quires read the thread below or contact me in game. We also are forming a new clan soon.

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Jesper-kax Jesper-kax Sergeant
Hypa Wisdom Hypa Wisdom Corporal
[#MYVCVG95Y] [#MYVCVG95Y] Corporal
Nedward Nedward Recruit
[#Q1QMHG4YG] [#Q1QMHG4YG] Recruit
Dimitri Wick Dimitri Wick Recruit
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Septimius Clan Ending/Being "Reborn" 07-Apr-2012 10:27
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