Rome Reborn

Rome Reborn

"Together we are strong, united we are a legion."

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Hello prospective/current clanmates! I am glad you have taken the time to look at this information.
please read the rules below:
1.Have fun!
2.Never kill another member of the clan.
3.Never ask for a rank for you will never get one that way.
4.Follow all orders given by the leader of the clan.
5.Follow every order to the fullest extent.
6.Do not curse, we try to keep it clean here.
7.Do not question any order unless so outrageous it is questionable.
8. Remember that we are not a social clan (see forum)
9.Wear uniform (see forum)

We are a clan that welcomes all people willing to work together to become stronger as one. We are about warring against other clans. Although combat focused, we hope that skillers will consider joining, as they would have an important supportive role to play as well. We hope that you will hear the call, and grab hold of the Rome that awaits you. Together we are Rome Reborn!

Your Emperor,

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