Runite Adepts

Runite Adepts

"Just participate and have fun!"

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We are a clan of above average Players - skilling, killing, and chilling out with each other as we rise to the top. Being experienced and well-rounded players, we generally only accept those that are equipollent to us or display lucid diligence towards their aspirations. If you are lethargic and tend to procrastinate alot, you will not make it far in this clan. However, if you're up to the challenge and/or looking for experienced players such as yourself to interact with, feel free to PM a high-ranked member ingame for a invite - We'd be thrilled to have you with us :)

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RideLatino RideLatino Deputy Owner
[#E0D10T01X] [#E0D10T01X] Deputy Owner
[#JT7V26MI5] [#JT7V26MI5] Deputy Owner
Chewbo Chewbo Admin
[#J8ZMK0DKX] [#J8ZMK0DKX] Admin
HyperRun HyperRun General
[#7V6FX2JUR] [#7V6FX2JUR] Captain
Prefade Prefade Captain
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Activities - Barbarian Assault 6 16-Jan-12 01:00
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