"Clannies are Friends, not food!"

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Welcome to Sandstorm!

We are a large, social clan and love a laugh :)

We have very mixed goals and aims within the game in our clan, with skillers, low and high level pvmers, comp capers along with new players.

Our main goal is just to form friendships and have fun!

We have an active discord that we use for our ranking and the odd social night with voice chat, cards against humanity and possibly a few drinks :P

Feel free to come and guest, we would love to meet you!

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Rogue Angel Rogue Angel Owner
Tepras Tepras Deputy Owner
Sirbrialot Sirbrialot Deputy Owner
Le Bamboozle Le Bamboozle Deputy Owner
Dusklit Ree Dusklit Ree Overseer
Ramokee Ramokee Overseer
Bum Tank Bum Tank Overseer
Beefej Beefej Coordinator
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