Sell Dung

Sell Dung

""SELL DUNG" FC- Quality Leech Service for Less! Join us for 2m Floors!"

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1.) Join friend's chat "Sell Dung"
2.) Hop to World 27 dungeoneering area.
3.) Ask for a floor or levels, a rank should reply asap.
4.) Follow the ranks instructions, they will invite you and collect payment.
5.) Sit back and enjoy the best and fastest dungeoneering xp in Runescape!

Approximate floor prices:
Frozen - occult 2m ea
Warp 3m

1m each if requested.

500k-1m each

c1 rush's 150-300k each

If you have any issues or questions at all please add and pm "sell_dung" or "selldunghelp"

Generals will also be able to help with such issues when I am not around.

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