Sent by Ravens

Sent by Ravens

"WE HAVE DISCORD! Trying to rebuild but have plans for PvM and social events."

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A person's character is judged not on their possessions or status but on how they live their life, what they believe in, and their faith and actions. Their deeds are not noticed but are experienced through the impact they can have on others without boasting or needing of recognition. To have the ability to be able to lead a community and have a family is all that is needed, nothing more , nothing less.
This is a community clan of people who love and want to strive for the same cause; a peaceful, enjoyable life and RuneScape gaming experience.

We are Sent by Ravens and we welcome you to that clan and community.

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Ravenvalor Ravenvalor Owner
KX9 KX9 Deputy Owner
Seduh Seduh Deputy Owner
Crazy Daddy4 Crazy Daddy4 Overseer
Inf Hayes Inf Hayes Overseer
Jafart Jafart Admin
IronmanHymn IronmanHymn Admin
Jpat1 Jpat1 General
1KX 1KX Recruit
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Ravenvalor Rules 19-Sep-2019 01:36
Ravenvalor Introduction 19-Sep-2019 01:32
Ravenvalor Welcome! 19-Sep-2019 01:17
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