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Shortbow - A Skiller's Clan!

To join, Shortbow requires the following:
- Combat Level 3-6
- Prayer Pure
- Summoning Pure
- Prayer/Summoning Pure
- Strictly Constitution Pure

We love having guests join for some friendly banter! It's an environment created for good vibes and helpful advice! We would love to have you stop by and check us out, make friends and most importantly have a great time!

While guesting in Shortbow we advise that you keep the chat clean and friendly. Racial slurs, political arguments, arguing with clan mates, drug use or reference, religious talk and/or demeaning one's lifestyle is not permitted in the clan chat.

Recruit - Join us!
Corporal - Gain total of 5m XP
Sergeant - Gain total of 20m XP
Lieutenant - Gain total of 50m XP
Captain - Gain total of 100m XP
General - Gain total of 200m XP
Admin+ Ranks (decided by leadership team)

If you have any questions, please contact Admin+ Rank! :)

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Racey Racey Owner
Kills Kills Deputy Owner
msfts msfts Deputy Owner
0rbs 0rbs Deputy Owner
Line Musen Line Musen Deputy Owner
Daryle Daryle Overseer
1 4 7 1 4 7 Overseer
Flicker Flicker Coordinator
Feasty Feasty Coordinator
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Gathering 100 10-Apr-19 07:00
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