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Hello and Welcome to Silentium! Looking for a group to do that reaper assignment with? Or some fun company while you skill? Well, this is the place for you! We here at Silentium want to welcome you to our clan! A lot of us are PvMers and regularly do High-level Bossing, and some of us are natural skillers that strive to be the best. We are a relaxed, loveable bunch that want to make sure everyone has a pleasurable experience.

Here are some reasons to join our clan: (If you're still on the fence!)
~Tier 4 Citadel.
~Weekly player-organized activities.
~Active Discord Channel.
~Transparent Clan Ranking system.
~No mandatory Citadel Capping.
*Daily player-organized Bossing activities.

We're just a relaxed group of players, enjoying each others company and would love to welcome you into our community! Feel free to guest in our Clan Chat and see what the buzz is about. You can find us all over the place, but we call World 14 our home. Come see us!

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