Simple Soldiers

Simple Soldiers

"Welcome To The Simple Life"

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We are a very active clan, seeking out mature, and skilled players.
We do not ask much of you, other than to cap in the citadel, and to be friendly.
There are a few rules I like to go over, and have understood.
1. Be respectful to any, and all clan members. If any deviation is known, a player will receive 3 warnings. Upon the 3rd warning, the player will be kicked.
2. Always be helpful. Now, I'm not telling you to give a guy 100m, but be courteous.
3. We are a clan very focused upon helping, and mentoring. So please help the lower levels grow, and prosper while in Simple Soldiers.
4. This is the last rule. Inside of this rule that's not a rule, it contains a hidden message. Upon you finding out this message, you agree, and understand the terms to join, and stay in the clan. Thank you for reading. God bless.

*Clan Information*
Teamspeak 3
Promotion System:
Based off Clan Activites

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