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Smile More

"Why be sad, when you can Smile More."

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Welcome to Smile More! We are a relatively new, start-up clan who wish for nothing more than to have a good time in the world of RuneScape

Currently our clan is made up of ~30 members and with continuous growth and effort we aim to become one big family and accomplish many goals and achievements together.  Free to play people are always welcome as well.

This is a wonderful clan for people who would rather be connected with their clan and not lost to the masses of super-massive clans.

For clan rules and ranking, please go to our official forum.

Discord Server:

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Im Wizzy Im Wizzy Owner
LowLvlBanter LowLvlBanter Deputy Owner
Ranpkge Ranpkge Deputy Owner
Crawfish82 Crawfish82 Deputy Owner
Dyed Gems Dyed Gems Deputy Owner
Im Steph Im Steph Overseer
edmedic edmedic Overseer
Epicfailure Epicfailure Overseer
lobillia lobillia Coordinator
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