Soaring Legends

Soaring Legends

"Hate is exp waste. "

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In Soaring Legends you will find a tier 7 citadel, and is completely optional. The Citadel resets Tuesday at  5:00 PM PST or 0:00 GMT. Our Clan is directed at Mid to High tier PvM, but that doesn't mean we don't ignore our Entry level players (No requirements to join this clan). All members are welcome to join on masses, and competitions. Times for these events are posted in the Clan Discord.
A quick briefing of the Clan Ranks, based on accumulated Clan XP.
Recruit: 0 XP needed.
Corporal: 5 Million XP needed.
Sergeant: 10 Million XP needed.
Lieutenant: 25 Million XP needed.
Captain: 50 Million XP needed.
General: 100 Million XP needed.
Administrator: 200 Million XP needed.

 A quick representation of the clan: We hate elitists telling us what to do!

We use Discord, if you would like to join the discord just ask for an invite!
Make sure to check our Runeclan!
- Simotas

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