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Society of the Owl

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Welcome to Society of the Owl!
A fairly old and established clan, spanning over 5 years, Society of the Owl aims to be an inclusive and diverse clan. We encompass members from all around the world, of all ages, so there is always an opportunity to meet and make friends with people with varied styles. We include skillers, questers and lore hounds as well as bossers in order to enhance the game experience of each memberís playstyle. We also use means outside of the clan to keep in contact with even if time within the game may be limited, such as voice/text applications.
All of our members stand the same chance of achieving ranking within the clan. We seek for friendly, talkative people. We have many helpful players who are happy to offer assistance. There are no requirements to join our clan, and we value the social aspect very much. Capping within the citadel is not required, though very much appreciated.
We would love to have you guest or join us, and we hope to meet you soon!

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TheBard TheBard Owner
QD†Raz QD†Raz Deputy Owner
Nighty Nighty Overseer
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Bang†all Bang†all General
Tubbabubba95 Tubbabubba95 General
gointokehapi gointokehapi General
Defence46 Defence46 General
Tinnith Tinnith General
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